Proserve NY / NJ offers Service Of Process (SOP) everywhere in the United States for both normal process and rush service.
The following prices are complete. There are no hidden fees and no surprise charges.
Basic Service
Staten Island $65.00
Brooklyn $75.00
Queens $75.00
Bronx $75.00
Manhattan $95.00
Nassau $95.00
Suffolk $95.00
Rockland $95.00
Rush Service 24-48 hours $25.00
Same Day Rush $50.00
Wait time, per hour $100.00
So Order Subpoena (Plus Service) $75.00
Landlord / Tenant Filing / Service $ Request Price
Court Filings $ Request Price
Most Counties
Basic Service $65.00
Additional serve at same address/same case $20.00
Rush service 24-48 hours $25.00 flat
Same Day Rush $50.00 flat
Wait time, per hour $100.00
Court Filings $ Request Price
Landlord / Tenant - File / Serve $ Request Price
Flat fees are charged regardless of outcome.
*Bulk Service means additional documents served at the same location at the same time. (Applies to New York City and New Jersey)

Landlord / Tenent

We are available to file and serve all landlord tenant documents. 30 day notice, notice to quit, eviction. So often, time is of the essence, which is why we have a staff dedicated exclusively to these matters.

Skip Trace Service

We provide fast, reliable and effective searches to locate any person. Missing Persons, witnesses, clients who have moved, lost relatives.


We are experienced, retired Police Officers and Detectives and we handle all types of investigations, civil and Criminal. We are also experienced at testifying in court on any matter we investigate.

Witness Statements, Photos, Measurements, Interviews, Surveillance

Process Service

We are Licenced Bonded and Insured, as well a DCA Compliant in NYC. We serve all Counties in New York as well as all Townships, Counties and Boroughs in New Jersey. Through our affiliations we can effectuate good service of all legal documents anywhere in the United States. Summons and Complaint, Judicial Subpoena, Subpoena Duces Tecum, Order To Show Cause, Petition, Divorce Papers, etc.

Rush Service of any legal document is available.

Court Service

On a daily basis we service Federal, State and Civil Courts and Clerks offices for all filings and service.

Electronic Filing

We are authorized 3rd party by NYCEF to E File documents for attorneys.