Foundation Repair Overview

Untreated foundation problems get worse with time. Restore your home (or business) with award-winning foundation repair service from Olshan.

Only Olshan can provide you with:

  • Patented Technologies
  • Certified Structural Technicians
  • Free Estimates
  • Over 90 Years of Service
  • Convenient Payment Plans

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Keeping Homes on Solid Ground for Over 90 Years

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We’ve been serving homeowners since 1933. During this time, we have worked on virtually every kind of foundation, including concrete slabs, crawl space and basement homes. We’ve developed specialized solutions to fix all types of foundation issues, including cracked foundation repair, slab and block foundation repair, basement and crawl space leak repair, wet basement repair, foundation walls and any other signs of foundation problems. All of these services are backed by our patented foundation repair technologies.

The innovative Cable Lock™ ST Plus Hybrid Foundation Repair System combines the advantages of durable concrete pilings with those of penetrating steel pilings locked together with the Cable to provide a deeper, stronger, more reliable repair.

Our exclusive Cable Lock™ ST Plus System is the leading foundation repair method available anywhere. Only Olshan Foundation Solutions can offer you both our seven decades of experience and the superior technologies of the Cable Lock™ ST Plus System.

The steel segments provide added depth. The concrete sections offer greater bearing area, which achieves better support. And the Cable locks the system together. With Cable Lock™ ST Plus you get the best of both in one powerful hybrid system.

And best of all, each Cable Lock™ ST Plus piling has an available Lifetime Transferable Warranty. This gives you peace of mind knowing you have chosen Olshan, the leader in foundation repair, to protect your home.

Olshan Foundation Repair Solutions in your neighborhood

Your house needs the support of a sound foundation. We offer foundation repair near you. Protect your home. Schedule a free, no-obligation Structural Assessment now.

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