Thank you so much for coming to our home for a foundation inspection. Wayne did a verythorough professional evaluation. Even though we do have some problems, Wayne explained that at this time they were not serious enough to address. It is always great to find people that are professional, honest, and do not take advantage of a situation.

You can be sure we will recommend your company in the future to others needing foundation repairs. Thanks again and God bless!

Bud & Dianne McLeod, Mississippi

I would like to complement Dustin and his crew for the great job they did. Dustin is a very hard worker and wants to make sure everything is done to our satisfaction. He is also very polite and extremely friendly. I am sure he will advance in your organization and be a great assist to your company.Thank you for sending Dustin for a job well done.

Marlen, S., Lyons, CO

The Olshan crew finished work at my home in Hope AR this afternoon, and I thought it appropriate to email my observations about the employees with whom I have had contact.

First, my first contact with Olshan was a phone call and the person responding was very professional, informative, and helpful in arranging for a site visit and bid. The several follow-ups were really necessary, but impressed me as a well-run company.

Joshua Kemp was the person who arrived promptly at my home at the scheduled time. He quickly got to work observing and taking measurements, then sat down with me and presented a very clear plan of attack on my foundation issues. He was, of course, courteous, but also friendly and knowledgeable. Normally, I would have received the bid and then solicited a couple of other bids; however, my good feelings about Joshua led me to simply accept his bid and move forward with Olshan.
Yesterday, Jonathan Irving and his crew arrived to begin work. He, too, was friendly, courteous, and impressed me by getting right to work. Over the course of the 1 ½ days the crew was here, I spoke to all of the men while observing their work and found every man friendly and courteous. I can assure you that, while at my house, your employees gave you your monies worth.

Finally, although the work is just completed, I am well pleased with the results – some of which is easily visible inside my home. They left their work area clean, set the shrubbery back in place with added soil that I provided, and dressed off the flower beds better than before they started. My wife was immensely pleased!
You may be sure that I will happily recommend Olshan to my friends who may need your services. Mostly, I simply wanted to commend to you all the employees that I came in contact with while getting the foundation repaired. You’re a lucky boss to have such fine people in your employ.

Mike Malek, Hope, AR

I am writing to say a very big thank you to your crew who leveled our house. Every single time that I close one of the five doors that did not close before they came, I thank God for them and the excellent work that they did. They stayed here late on the 2nd, and even smoothed out the cement after I accidentally got too close and put my foot in it. Then they were ready to leave, and the neighbor's dog walked through the same patch of cement! Your work just got his tools and fixed the mess again. I think that was "above and beyond the call of duty".

Manuel Avalos was the "boss" of the crew. He could not have been more professional. He was very polite and courteous. My husband has a back injury and was unable to help get everything out of their way, so I was still trying to move things when they arrived. Manuel said to me, "Mrs. Cindy, you go in the house, sit on the couch, and talk to your husband. We will take care of the rest." I just want to say again, THANK YOU, GUYS!

Most of the cracks in our walls are closed completely and every one of the doors close beautifully. We could not be more pleased with the work, and would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of our friends who might need the kind of work that you do.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX

Our project was completed one week ago today (March 17th). Kelly asked if we would like to make any comments on the job done by Dustin and his crew.

The job was done in a very professional manner with the crew and Dustin working very hard on a pretty intimidating project. On the first day of the job, Dustin went over the contract with us, looked at the areas of concern, listened to our input, and got his crew busy with the repair work. Because we were still in winter-weather mode we had a mud pit for the men to work in for several days. We were impressed with the progress made each day, especially on the mucky, muddy days!

Dustin communicated with us each day. At the end of each day, Dustin would check in with us to say they were leaving for the day, or we did a walk through to see what work had been done that day, and what stage of the project we were headed into. Dustin reassured us that the rocked yard and the pea gravel side yard would be replaced and look like it did before the project started. He and his crew did a great job at that, along with repairing the neighbor's rock wall that caved into our foundation hole on one of those mucky, muddy, wet, wintry days. The rock wall looks better than ever!

Safety of the workers was our main concern, and we told Dustin if the muddy, slippery conditions continued, we would understand if the crew could not work on our project. Dustin and the crew worked through some slippery conditions. Dustin did reconsider working on a Saturday to keep the job on schedule. Wise decision on Dustin's part because the snow melt made the project too wet and muddy to work. In fact, we had a portion of a rock wall collapse due to the weather conditions. By Monday the job had dried out enough for work to continue, although it was still damp.

Dustin sustained a thumb injury during our project, but he kept working through that end of day. I only know he was injured, because Dustin checked in with us at the end of each day. He had his wound attended to and the next day was back on the job with his thumb stitched up, wrapped up and in a splint. He had broken his thumb while working on our job.

Dustin gave us the opportunity to ask questions throughout the project. . .and we often had a page of questions. He did a wonderful job of answering our questions, and at a level that we could understand. We kept asking questions about seeing daylight in the basement through the foundation wall gap, and he reassured us that daylight would disappear, and it did. The inside basement wall had cracks and a few spigot holes which needed attention beyond epoxy. Dustin told us he would fix those problems with a concrete compound (I forget the proper term). Dustin explained the sump pump workings and the back up battery. We have already heard the pump activate a couple of times since it was installed. Trenching the downspouts to drain to the south of the house has also reassured us that the foundation will not be overloaded with moisture in the future. Dustin showed us the 'vent' for the sump pump that is next to the foundation, and the trail of the drainage tubes to the back of our property. . .far away from the foundation.

We feel that we had the best company do the job. Marc, with his skill at structural engineer, drew up a great repair plan and explained it to us in layman's terms. We know that we will keep us safe and dry because we had the best crew for this job with Dustin and his 'band of merry men.' Comfortable in English or Spanish, Dustin communicated well with us and in Spanish with his crew. The men clearly enjoy working and lunching with Dustin! They laughed as they worked and animated during their lunch/card games.

Bobby H., Westminster, CO

Olshan crew came to repair my foundation last week. Alfredo Mouha was the supervisor on the job. This crew of workers worked like their life depended on getting my home foundation "fixed". Mr Mouha and the rest were all very nice an I was explained about every thing the were doing. I cannot remember the supervisor aabove Mr Mouha, but his part of the activity was also first rate. My home was looking good when they left. Thanking your company for sending this crew to help me. They were all first rate. Also Mike Sweeny was very helpful in explaining what they were going to do and how it would affect my home.

Barbara J., Baytown, TX

I just want to send you an email to let you know I am very pleased with the crew just worked to repair the foundation for my property last week. Gilbert is the crew supervisor , he is very professional , he knows what he is doing, very polite and very patient to explain and answer all my questions. His crew including him were working very hard the whole week , they did an excellent job, they did their job above and beyond my expectation .

I would recommend Olshan for any home owners that need the foundation repairs like I did.
Please let the crew know I really appreciate all their hard work. I understand their type of work has to deal with hard labor, the dirt, the heat , and I really admire their attitude toward it.

Their handwork and attitude toward it is priceless. Very good customer service . I am very glad I decided to pick Olshan for these services.

Lisa V., Oklahoma City, OK

Your representative was very professional, courteous and showed excellent customer service skills both in communication and professional expertise. Above all, he was on time, engaging and very likeable. Whatever decision we make, please convey to all interested parties in this process, that this is what I would expect from my staff when engaging the public.


And ask Nolan Ryan why did he have to strike me out 15 times?

Sam E., Kansas City, MO

The past two weeks have been an experience for my wife and me. We thought we were prepared for a major foundation lift but the reality was something else.

The reason for this letter is to relate to you, as Olshan’s General Manager, our very positive experience with the work crew sent to our house.

We were apprehensive the first morning as your work crew showed up. I met with Mr. Teo, took care of some paper work and together we took a walk around the house as he explained the processes that were about to take place.

I had so many questions and concerns. Mr. Teo addressed each and every concern, answered each question and assured me that everything would be taken care of. He went over every aspect of the coming work and explained where everything would be stored, dirt placed and how he would protect the three back rooms in the house were we would be living during the work.

I must also state that his work crew were friendly, efficient, respectful of my house and possessions, attentive to any concerns I had and operated like a well oiled machine. Each evening the crew insured that their work area was clean, the visqueen pinned back so we could access the kitchen and cleaned a walk area outside for us to get to and from our cars.

I worked in a refinery for 33 years and never encountered a work crew as organized and skilled as the crew that worked for Mr. Teo. Mr. Teo has that unique talent as a leader to work his crew hard, keep their spirits high and handle crisis after crisis like it was nothing. He was also able to make sure that I was always in the loop and my every question answered even if it took him away from what he was doing.

Overall, it was a pleasure spending two weeks with Mr Teo and his crew. I would also like to thank Mr. Jesus Lopez for his excellent work keeping me informed and up to date on every technical aspect of the job at each of his visits. I will recommend Olshan to my neighbors and tell them to request Mr. Teo.

Vincent F., Houston, TX

I was very pleased with Don’s evaluation of my issue and his knowledge of foundation repair. I felt he had the best solution to my problem and was the only company to actually shoot the drop on my entire floor. This helped me to come to the same conclusion he did that my center girder is falling slightly.

This made perfect sense compared to all the separation I am seeing and where it is. Currently I am leaning towards Olshan to do the repair. I just need to decide when I will do the work. Don is a great asset. I should be calling to set up the work in the next few weeks. Thanks!

Mark S., Nashville, TN

I was very pleased with how professional Angel and his crew were. I am a very neat and tidy person and had huge reservations about doing all of the required work inside the house. By the second day I felt completely comfortable with Angel and his staff of workers. We had to leave before the job was finished due to some medical testing my wife was to have done in Houston. I had my neighbor touch base with Angel the final two days and even he was amazed on how little impact the area showed following the job. I would highly recommend Olshan and especially Angel and his crew of workers.

I would highly recommend Olshan and especially Angel and his crew of workers. I supervise crews abroad and I have never seen a crew work as hard as this crew worked. My wife and I are well pleased. Now we no longer have to watch our house continue to destroy itself. Thanks.

Beaumont , TX

Dear Sir or Madam,

On December 7, 2012 3 piers were installed under my house by Olshan. I wish to compliment Olshan on the work as well as the workers. It was awesome and exciting to see the cracks in the walls disappear… It is such a relief to know the foundation is more secure.

Joseph and his crew worked beautifully. I don’t envy them, the difficulty of the surroundings in which they worked. A 4 foot crawl space with no ventilation must be suffocating to endure yet they spent most of the day down there. They were respectful of me and my house (the utility room floor was cleaner when they left than when they came). Joseph explained what was happening and what needed to be adjusted as the cracks disappeared.

The fact that this system can be adjusted if necessary in the future by me or by other owners of this property is a great relief.

Thank you and your employees (office staff, inspectors and work crew) for a job well done.

Jennifer R., Denver, CO

Well, our foundation was repaired this week. It is AMAZING!!!!! Once they "jacked" it up you could immediately tell the difference! So cool! When you walk to that side of the house, you don't go downhill. Oh my goodness - what a HUGE difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Bev & Mike

Dear Mr. Hutto,

I contacted Olshan approximately 6-8 weeks ago and inquired about a possible french drain being installed. Ed Stafford came out to give an estimate. I wasn't really convinced that I needed one as I thought I had my problem fixed. However, Ed was very personable and professional. Presented options that Olshan could provide. He did so without any pressure, coercion or making me feel like "I had to get this done". I really felt he really was concerned about my interests as much as he was about Olshan's. I Rarely sign an agreement when initially presented. I did with Ed and felt good about the decision.

This past Monday, Omar and his crew came to do the work. Omar was very nice on first impressions. Then, they began the work. As they dug and piled dirt, I thought "What did I do". The yard was unbelievable. Dirt piled up and chunks of concrete were piled up. My wife is compulsive about the yard. She was pacing and anxious. Fortunately, she went out of town. Next, the rain came and delayed the completion. I just shook my head every time I looked out the window. Thank goodness, they came back today and completed the job.

When Omar and his crew left today, I would not have guessed they had ever been here, if I hadn't seen it for myself. Omar and his crew did an OUTSTANDING job. I could not begin to praise Omar enough. He certainly represented himself and Olshan in the highest of professional standards. This was a difficult job and I know there were frustrating times. But, whenever I approached Omar, he was very professional, smiled, very informative and made me fell glad HE was in charge and doing my job. I didn't have much contact with his crew members, but what little I did, they too were pleasant. I was really amazed how they protected my yard and did such an fantastic job of leaving without being able to tell they were ever here. The Olshan sign in the yard is the only tell-tell evidence. I have never let anyone place their sign in my yard. But I am going to leave this one up a day or two. I'm proud Olshan was here.

Rarely do I compliment someone for doing their job. I have to in this case. From my first call to Olshan, to Ed's visit, to Omar and his crew driving away, this has been a wonderful experience. Olshan is a shining star in my eyes. Feel free to give my name and number to anyone who wants to hear from a previous customer about their experience with Olshan.

Jeffery S., Houston, TX

Your Crew worked very hard and seemed to me to be very capable. The Foreman Mr. Teo was helpful and very friendly.

Jimmie S., Houston, TX

Dear Sir:

The purpose of this letter is to report that your foreman, Angel, was apparently less than honest with me about our recent job at my home.

Angel kept claiming that there were but eight men on his crew. It is obvious that only a dozen good men could have accomplished what they did.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Stevan S., Houston, TX

Dear Mr. Bartley,

Recently, my husband and I experienced restoration of our home's foundation by Olshan. I thought I should share our thoughts with you regarding this experience.

Having come from the Midwest, both of us were used to basements, so a home on a slab was new to us, but after 15 years we thought is was easy to maintain. That was until 1-1/2 years ago when we started seeing cracks in our drywall at the seams. Dale S. came out at that time and reviewed the interior and exterior and reassured my husband it was cosmetic and due to the drought.

About a month ago, my husband and I decided to start a remodeling project - which lead me to revisit the foundation. I figured it would be good to have Dale check it again - no sense replacing countertops and tile without knowing if anything had changed with our foundation's condition.

Dale came out and he told me we did indeed have a small issue on the front corner of our home. Everything aside we were able to get the job scheduled for the same week Dale quoted the job. This was wonderful considering we really wanted to start our remodeling - but knew after asking Dale we should wait about two months before starting any remodeling once the foundation was repaired.

My husband was happy I thought to have the foundation rechecked.

The crew that came to do the repair was led by Teo, a very nice man who had a crew who responded to his direction. The process was fascinating. For a small job there was so much that went into it. I was concerned about our landscaping bricks and lighting. Teo listened to my instructions on how the wiring was run and how I expected the stone to be moved and/or protected - which he executed nicely. Other than the overfill of dirt with the sod on top, one might not know we had any work done. I know this is a short paragraph, but when a crew is good - they are good - and this one was very good. It was a long day and the clean up was complete - they cared for our property as if it were their own. That is saying something these days, at least from my perspective.

I hope this e-mail gets to you and to Teo.

Lastly, it is comforting to have confidence in a process well done and in this case it is just that!

Cheryl S., Houston, TX

Hi David,

I just wanted to know how much we appreciate the quality of work done by Olshan on our house. Everyone did their job while being very considerate of our family coming an going. I told the Foreman several times how much we appreciated the way they controlled the mess created from all the digging. The crew worked non stop in the record heat and is completing on time. Olshan gets a 10 on this one!.....(-:

I will stay in touch as time progresses and let you know when we want you to come inside to stabilize the middle part of the house. It's awesome that we can close the bathroom and bedroom doors again.

Robbie, M., Houston, TX

On the 16th, Russell and his crew were professional in every respect. Russell explained his process at some length. The men started the job quickly and worked industriously. They extended the work day so the job could be completed in one day. At the end, everything was clean up and the house was closed up properly.

To finish up, Russell went over his check sheet thoroughly to indicate the job went as planned. In short, excellent work by everyone!

The guys at Mathes said Olshan is the best. My observation on Monday beat out that opinion. Everything I saw indicated expertise, cooperation, and “stick-to-it-tiveness” until the job was done.

I hope you will convey to everyone how much I appreciate their helping me.

Aaron E., Little Rock, AK

I had several estimates for the initial repair and choose Olshan because of the warranty… Still I had doubts that it would be honored. When my house was inspected for the warranty repair and I was told it would be done I knew I had made the right choice in Olshan. Today so many warranties are not honored. I did recommend my neighbor to you and he just had his work done by Olshan. I will continue to recommend your company in the future. Also, everyone I dealt with in the Longview office were professional, courteous and a pleasure to work with. The repair crew were efficient, and courteous as well. The supervisor of the crew was named Francisco if my memory serves me and he was excellent.

Anonymous, Longview, TX

Homeowners who are seeking reputable companies for foundation repairs surely do their homework, as I did. After hearing good and bad stories, I knew I would have to find a company that would meet my needs, and most of all answer my questions, and I had a lot (ask David). I know the reputation of Olshan and I know I made the right choice.

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the patience of David and Angel. I am impressed with the leadership and the teamwork displayed by the workers throughout the repairs at my house. This means a lot to me since I had to make this major decision by myself about the repairs.

Their hard work and efforts did not go unnoticed. Thank you for everything. I would willingly recommend Olshan to anyone needing your services.

David worked with me and thoroughly explained everything so I would not have any surprises. Angel is to be commended for his dedication to customer satisfaction. I also extend special thanks to Renee in the office seeing me through with my method of payments.

Nell B., Houston, TX

Thank you Olshan for the excellent job your Supervisor Ermis Monje and his crew did on our recent foundation repair. Other foundation companies we contacted wanted us to wait as much as 3 to 4 months, but Olshan came out in just a couple of weeks and completely finished the job in one day. The work was outstanding, your workers were professional and the clean up was superior. We will gladly recommend Olshan to our friends and neighbors.

Mark E., Sugar Land, TX

My Father and I would like to commend your crew for their hard work and dedication to their craft. They were courteous and performed the work with diligence and professionalism.

Paul and Phil E.

Thanks for all your hard work. Your level of professionalism is to be admired. The teamwork and constant consideration of your work environment was excellent. The dedication and cooperation t deal and manage the task at hand was commendable.

Thanks again for fixing the home that will be my family's for many years to come.

Brian E.

Mr. Bennett recently inspected my home and was one of the most honest representatives I have ever encountered. Though I expected he would find problems with the slab he found none. Quite frankly, he could have sold me thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary "repairs" and I would have agreed.

Because of Mr. Bennett's honesty you can rest assured if a problem ever develops with the home Olshan will be the only firm I trust to perform the repairs.

Gayril G., Mississippi

We were so pleased at the efficient way the employees performed the job in a timely manor. The company as a whole was so professional and explained everything completely to us before the work was started and again after it was finished. I would highly recommend Olshan to anyone.

We had dreaded having this work done because we felt from talking to another company it was going to cost quite a lot of money-However; Olshan did the job for a very reasonable amount. Being on a retired income, this was very important to us.
I could not say enough about the pleasant experience we had with Olshan. Our best wishes for the continued success of your company.

Hugh & Linda B.

Thanks so much for your foundation repair.Your team was very efficient and courteous, doing a thorough cleanup job, even washing the walls of the crawlspace access area after they finished. The crew leadership is very good. I really appreciated the quality of communication between Olshan, myself and the HOA that was paying for the repairs.

Roger J.

This work was superior and I was very pleased with the quality of the cleanup especially inside the house. I was terrified to look but what a surprise. It was so much better than I expected. Thank you.


I was totally satisfied with the quality of the work. I could not tell that my yard was even dug up even though I know it was because I saw it with my own eyes. I am very impressed.


Dear Mr. Hutto:

Although this may be an overlooked task, I feel that I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I received by your professional team. I had the satisfaction of talking to Mr. Tim Braswell during his initial walk-thru. Mr. Braswell provided me a thorough written estimate. He explained in detail the estimate and answered all my questions. I explained to him that Olshan was recommended by our neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Mills. I told Mr. Braswell that I would like to have Mr. Omar Rangel and his team working on my home. I was extremely pleased when my appointment was confirmed that my request for Mr. Rangel and his crew was scheduled to work on my home...

I am, of course, very delighted to have had the pleasure of working and speaking with Mr. Rangel during the recent work I had done on my house. His professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, patience answering my questions, and handling my specific issues was very important to my complete customer satisfaction.

Mr. Rangel showed and provided me additional recommendations that would completely protect my crawlspace from water damage. He provided sound and sage advice on tips and suggestions to prevent any further damage to my home. He also made sure that my home's crawlspace was completely solid and leveled to the best of his ability without causing any interior damage. This is one less concern for me and I am deeply appreciative of his assistance and support. While I know that Olshan is renowned for the customer service it provides, I feel like Mr. Rangel and his team treated my home and family with the utmost importance and respect.

In the past, I felt that most service providers were not sensitive to my needs and provided the quickest and most convenient solution to my problems from their perspective. But not in this case. Mr. Rangel handled my issues as if they were his own, and I am completely satisfied. I will continue to recommend to my friends and family Olshan and look forward to patronizing your company should I need additional services. I am sure you will understand my position, and I hope that you will pass the thanks on to him and his team...

Stephen L.

Hi James,

I want to thank you, Omar Rangel, and the Olshan organization for the foundation work that was done on our house yesterday. The planning that you did for the job and the work that Omar and his team did to execute the plan was excellent! Based on my business career in engineering and manufacturing, I know what attributes are required to attain a successful result for most any endeavor - and the Olshan organization possesses those attributes.

I was very impressed with Omar and his team. Their effort and skill was outstanding. Prior to starting, Omar explained to me the scope of work. He kept me apprised of the different phases of the project by explaining and showing me what was being done, why it was being done, and what was going to be done next. When Omar and his team finished the job, he gave me a very thorough review of what was done, data (ie: depths and pressures), a thorough walkthrough, and left our yard looking like it did before they arrived.

I hope you, Omar, and the entire Olshan organization have a great week.

Joe S.

Great Job! The House is clean and everything looks like it should. Also, José was very good about notifying me about the procedures and what I needed to do.

Pete W.

Olshan Houston,

I would like to thank Anibal and his crew for the great job they did on my home. They were all very professional.

A time like this is very stressful. Anibal answered all questions and the outside of my home was kept in order (no trash or loud music). I do appreciate all the hard work.

Marilyn Evanr

Olshan Houston,

I was very impressed with the work that Manuel Avalos and his team did at my house. Manuel explained everything that was done to my house and completed the work in the time he indicated it would take. At the end of the day, you could not tell from the exterior that the work had been done in my yard and everything was put back in its place.

I would recommend his team to anyone that is looking to have foundation work done on their home and Manuel and his team did make your company shine.

Nancy Cooper

A quick note to thank Adrian and his crew for the work to fix the foundation of my home in Houston. Adrian was always friendly and stayed on top of the job all 5 days. He was always willing to explain anything I had questions on.

The job site was left clean and safe. Adrian's crew was also friendly and worked hard each day. I appreciate Adrian's attitude, experience, and knowledge.


The crew you sent out to do work on our foundation did a great job. They were neat about doing the work and made sure everything was picked up when they left. All of the dirt was put back where it needed to be. It looked nice. We recommend them (the Olshan crew) to do other work.

Thank you!

Jane Sonnier

The Olshan crew led by Jesús did a very good job while at my house. Jesús was professional and kept me advised of the steps he was taking. The workers were cordial and polite.

Gail Shivers

I am very pleased with the crew that came to do my foundation repair. Ermis Monje and his crew were prompt, courteous and friendly. They even took the time to clean their feet when they came inside to survey their work. They also took care to remember that I had a dog in the backyard that could escape when coming and going through the fence.
Overall, I am very pleased with their work and wish to compliment them for a job well done.

Danny Wilhite

Ermis and his crew have performed and completed this job above expectations. I would like to thank them for the extra care they have given me and my house during this project.


Job well done!!! Very professional. Answered all questions, cleaned up very well, crew worked well together and didn’t waste time.

Jose Reyes

THANK YOU! I was really upset about having to have so much foundation work done on our house and not looking forward to it at all. Your team really did a good job of explaining the process and getting the work done in a timely and seems to be a very effective manner. The cleanup was amazing! Thank you and I will recommend you to others.


I was very pleased with your representative who was both courteous and professional. He was honest and said I had no need to worry about what I perceived to be a problem. I will be very happy to recommend your company to my acquaintances, but don't hold your breath as I am 91.

Joe R. Aurora, CO

Anibal and his crew did an excellent job for us here at our home. We would definitely recommend him to anyone to handle their repair. He was very kind and courteous in explaining all that was happening to our home.

Thank you for sending such a competent crew to fix our foundation.

Dave and Sandy Sawyer

I would just like to say that Anibal & his crew of men did a tremendous job. They were a very hardworking group of individuals who did an outstanding job. I really appreciate the professional way that this group of men worked together to accomplish a very hard and tedious job of leveling my foundation. I know that Olshan is very thankful for the hard workers that represent its company.

Robert Sherry

I just wanted to say thanks for making the experience with our foundation repair a much better experience than we expected.

Victor was very considerate and knowledgeable taking the time to answer any question we had about the job and his crew was great.

These guys are all in sinq and worked very hard the whole day. I was able to watch the process from the time they arrived and unloaded their truck until they finished the job.. The crew was amazing.. all very hard workers knowing their jobs well and constantly helping each other out throughout the course of the day which is a testemate of Victors leadership, working just as hard as his crew.

The crew did an awesome job cleaning up the area after the job was done, the yard actually looked better when they left than when they arrived.

Thanks Olshan!!!

Michael & Tyrina Gleinser

Olshan Denver:

Dustin and his crew were at our house on Mar. 20th and the 21st. They did a beautiful job. They dug up all around the front porch the first day and I could not see how they would ever put it back to rights. On the 21st they came back and fixed the porch and put the landscaping back even better than it was before they started. We could not be more pleased with the job they did. I hope you treat him good he is a great rep. for your company.

Thank you!

Mary and Harry Reeve

Just a quick thank you for a job well done! I am in sales and customer service, and have been for 30+ years now. I know when I receive service and workmanship that is over and above!

Russell Stamps: Very knowledgeable and helpful, and followed through! I felt I was dealing with someone honest.

Jovani & crew: On time both days, kept me informed, did a great job and were accommodating AND then-some! Jovani & supervisor Daniel saw to it that my home's concerns were addressed.

Concrete work: From squaring off the hole and adding support wire, to the artisan who spent the time to make the concret repairs correctly... all is very much appreciated!

Thank you! I will have no qualms referring Olshan!

Jeff Fenner

Dear Sirs,

We are writing to let you know how pleased we were with the Olshan team of people who performed the work on our home on March 6th & 7th. They arrived on time and kept us informed about what was going to happen as the foundation repairs progressed.

Jovanie and his crew were polite, unobtrusive and worked so very hard to complete the repairs in the time frame promised. His supervisor Daniel also was very thorough in explaining what the process involved and what results we could expect to see in the near term as well as several months down the road.

They left our property clean and tested our irrigation system prior to leaving. They even filled in some low spots in our front yard with some left over dirt which certainly exceeded our expectations.

Please let them know that we really appreciated their professionalism and dedication to making sure we were satisfied customers.

Mark & Sharli Mathis

I just saw on Facebook the work you guys donated to A New Hope Pregnancy Center and I wanted to say thank you!! If I find myself in need of your type of services, I will certainly remember your kindness. Thank you again!!

Martha Ballew

Dear Olshan Dallas,

We just recently had our foundation fixed, today actually. I wanted to write ya'll and say how pleased we were with Jesus and his entire Olshan Dallas crew. They did an EXCELLENT job minimizing the mess around the house. The entire crew was very fast and efficient and they left our house in great order once the job was done. Jesus helped double check all of the existing issues were fixed and explained what to expect in the next month or two. We are very impressed and wanted to make sure to give the entire company a complement. We will definitely be recommending your service to all of our friends and family.


Dear Olshan Denver,

I have had a repair completed by you team at the above address and would like to compliment them on their expertise and professionalism, they made you proud.

From quote phase by Jack Thurman, to follow up and administrative duties by Jennifer (she did great keeping me abreast of pre-construction issues) and last but very significant was your field crew led by Joe Griego. Even when he hit a bump in the road he did what he needed to do to take care of the problem and produce good results.

The men on his team acted professionally and took great care to do there work without interuption to me or my tennant. They cleaned up the mess made and
did not leave a trace that they were even there.

Great Job done and I was very pleased with the work.

Thank you for supporting me and "my garage".

Manuel Avalas, the foreman that supervised our foundation work at the above mentioned address was a pleasure, he explained the work he was doing and said if we need or had a problem to call your company and they would resolve any problems in the future, and that we had a lifetime warranty. They are just wrapping the job up at 4:07 p.m. on Saturday September 17 2011. Thank you for the fast response to our foundation problem. We stopped further damage due to your companies quick response.


As an aerospace engineer, I was impressed by the technology that went into the foundation work we had done on our home in October of 2006. As a home owner, I was impressed by the professionalism of the crew that came to our
home and did the work. Most importantly, I am delighted with how stable our home has been during this terrible drought.

In the summer of 2006, we had a crack in our brick work open up with cracks in our bathroom ceiling and a jammed door from our bedroom onto the back patio. During this time, the soil around our house had shrunk away from the
foundation by about 1/2”. After a significant amount of research on
companies and reinforcement methods, we selected Olshan’s for our foundation work. It only took two days for the crew to complete the work. They took great care to make sure the cracks were closed up and that our doors opened freely. When they left, every shrub was back in place, the
irrigation system was working perfectly, and there wasn’t even any mud left on our driveway – Amazing!

Service and professionalism are nice, but performance is the key. During the
Great Drought of 2011, five years after our foundation work, the soil has shrunk back from our foundation by at least 3/4”. We can’t water enough to keep up with it. I am happy to report that we have seen absolutely no
movement in our ceilings or walls, and our doors still open freely. During this time, our back patio (not attached to the home foundation) has dropped about 3”. It’s one thing to be impressed; it’s another thing to be thankful. Thank you for your technology, your professionalism, your service, and thank you for saving our home. We recommend you every time we have a chance.

Mike and Susan Smith, Sulphur Springs, TX

I want to compliment Joseph Griego and his Olshan Denver crew on a job well done. Joseph
was great to work with. He involved me in his thought processes when he encountered some unexpected challenges due to the configuration of my home's beam and furnace ducting. His solution, to weld the posts to the beam rather than cut into the ducting, saved me quite a bit of money later. The crew was friendly and courteous. I had no problems letting them use my bathroom and
was pleased that they asked. They did a fantastic job and cleaned up the worksite beyond my expectations.
I will definitely recommend Olshan to my friends and neighbors. Thanks for
the great work.

We just wanted the management staff at Olshan Denver to know that we were very pleased with the service we received.

Jennifer in the office, Mike Barkavich as the sales person, and Joseph and his crew that actually did the work. Everyone has an exceptional work ethic
and great customer service skills. Thank you!

Gaily Staley

I just wanted say thank you to Olshan and Trey Jones from the Little Rock, AR 
office. I had some foundation concerns so I called the Olshan office in Little Rock to schedule an inspection.

When you hear the word free 
inspection, you think nothing is free, but Trey Jones, the Structural 
Technician, drove from Little Rock AR to Russellville AR, which is about 100 
miles, to do the inspection. Once he arrived he started his inspection and 
when he was finished, he had addressed all my question and concerns and told 
me that the settling I was seeing was normal settling for my house. I could 
not believe that someone would drive that far to give a free inspection and 
tell me that my house had no foundation problems, what a great guy! I really 
appreciate his honesty and professionalism.

Thank you Trey and Olshan for peace of mind. If I ever needed foundation 
repair, I would definitely call Olshan.


I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service we received from 
your company.

On July 21, 2011 (yesterday) a crew came out to fix our foundation. Tio and 
his crew were VERY nice and polite and the best part...VERY professional. I 
never once saw anyone just "standing or playing" around-they were always 
working. And CLEAN! I have never seen any crew be so careful of any messes 
they may have made whether due to the work or their personal trash.
By the time the guys were finished and loaded up to leave, you would never 
have known they had been there at all.
This experience has been great from beginning to end.
We will tell everyone about Olshan Foundation Repair.
Thank you so much!

L. Gregg

We just had some major work done on our foundation where one corner of the house had sunk about 3.5 inches, and our chimney was sinking in the middle of the house. One of our kitchen cabinets would never close, and most all of our internal doors were unable to close; we had large cracks and we noticed a few cracks in the brick mortar on the outside of house. These are no longer the problems they had been.

Clay Spitz was your sales representative, who worked with us several times to work out a plan that would suit our changing financial picture. He was very patient, friendly and thorough. We settled for a plan that included 23 inside piers with about the same number of new piers on the outside, adjustments were also made to about an equal number of already existing piers put in by another foundation company.

The main working crew was directed by Jose Rubio. Jose is extremely friendly, understanding, very hardworking and again, he worked with us to accommodate our four pets (1 dog; 3 cats) and our desire to stay in the house at night to minimize stress on our animals. He arranged for us to have access to our necessities so we could eat and sleep comfortably at night. Jose managed his team and all aspects of the project efficiently and professionally, and handled problems with aplomb and confidence. Afterwards, our yard looked as though they hadn’t even been there, and their attention to replacing our carpet was extremely appreciated. We were treated with respect and patience, and most importantly, we felt totally comfortable with all of the workers who were all courteous and helpful.

Our project manager, Juan (don’t know his last name), came by on a daily basis to check on the progress of the undertaking. He was very helpful and offered detailed explanations to some questions as they came up. Juan was also very professional.

We would highly recommend your company for what appears to be a high quality work product and a professional team. This was a major undertaking and I highly commend all of the staff involved in making this a successful job. We would like to encourage Olshan and each of these employees individually to contact us if you should need any recommendations or work references.

Cindee and David Ewell

I can’t thank Olshan enough for sending Joe Langfitt to my house yesterday for an evaluation of my foundation. I wasn’t convinced that it needed repair, but there were some hints that it might. I had the feeling that inviting a foundation repair company to my home would surely result in them finding something to do that would cost me thousands of dollars – and I’m sure that would be the case for most other foundation repair companies. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Joe explain to me that my foundation was within tolerance and that no repairs were necessary.

Joe was very friendly, professional, and informative. Please pass along my thanks to him.

You can be certain that if I’m asked by a friend who they should contact for foundation work that I’ll send them your way. You’re a class act!


The Olshan crew made the entire procedure 
painless. We have never seen a workforce continue to complete phases of the job regardless of the hour, and we were surprised by the clean up that
included sweeping out our garage!

Philip M.

Your team worked really hard from start to end 
and I can’t be more appreciative for their 
determination and energy to get the job done 
in a timely fashion and also maintain a higher 
standard to all the details.

Kent C.

Polite, efficient, knowledgeable - just the perfect crew. They did everything that was asked of them and then some. I will most certainly recommend your company in the future. I now understand why Olshan is successful, Great People!

John D.

I have been doing business with Olshan since the 90’s and am amazed at the level of service I receive from your company. You have stood the test of time 
and are a company of honor and integrity.

Rick H.

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday your crew came 
to repair my foundation. These men did an excellent job for me and I was very impressed. 
I am most pleased with the job performed.

Donna T.

I can't tell you how pleased I am that I made the decision to go with Olshan for my foundation repair nearly 6 years ago. We had received several quotes from many of the best in Kansas City, but none were more affordable and came with a lifetime guarantee.

We've had a little movement in our home and recently called Olshan. Your office here in Raytown responded promptly and came out to investigate. After looking into the issues without hesitation a team was dispatched to make some adjustments. This was involved and several piers were looked at and a new one was added. The work was done quickly (two-days), the crews were polite and friendly, and we were told exactly what was happening and how the work would correct our foundation issue.

All of this was done without a dime of additional money. Olshan wants to be sure we don't have future issues, and they will not need to make any
additional calls. It's that simple.

A warranty that works, a very courteous and professional team, without a shred of hassle. What more could you ask for.

Thank you very very much. If you need anyone to ask me about your company please send them my way. I couldn't be Happier about choosing OLSHAN!!!!!

James E. Waechter

How do you like positive news on a Monday to start your week? Both of us are in business of selling a service and we love to hear good reports.

Please accept my sincere appreciation for an outstanding job completed recently on my Lake House on Grenada Lake. To me the settling in my foundation was severe and created a lot of stress and worry.

When Wayne Brown came to visit before the work started, he assured me that this was not a major problem and Olshan could bring my beautiful house back to standard. As soon as I met Wayne, I quit worrying and trusted him, his crew and the company. Naturally, I had other companies look at the situation, but he was a "difference maker."

Hector Castillo and his crew were so professional, hard-working, considerate and of course neat. Besides the dust that Wayne told me you would find everywhere, I could not tell that this major re-construction had been performed. I took pictures of the project from start to finish and have been showing all of my friends...they too, were so impressed with the nature and quality of the work.

Wayne, Hector and team made my year!!! I was even depressed to go to the Lake House because of the problem. Now, it is better than ever. Heck, Wayne is now my "newest best friend."

You have a great team and as I told Wayne, I will be more than happy to be a reference for your company. The way I measure a company is to assess the team based on knowledge of their work, of course the company and it's history, the passion, professionalism, attitude and the satisfactory completion of the work. Regions Bank uses Gallup to rate our performance and Service Quality on a scale to 100 and I would rate your team's performance a 100!

Best wishes for a prosperous 2011!!

Jimmy Brown

This correspondence is to thank you for the wonderful job your crews did in the leveling of my house's foundation. The work was accomplished quickly and the work crew was courteous and professional. I believe this was in large part due to the example set by the job foreman, Jose Rubio, whose work ethic and ability were obvious. Jose kept me informed as to what was happening and what to expect the entire time the crews were working. Even though the weather did not cooperate, and it rained the entire second day, the job was completed in two days. Before leaving the job site, the crew did a complete clean-up of the area. It is refreshing to do business with a company that takes pride in their work and employs individuals that exhibit that same feeling of pride. Thanks for a job well done.

Brian E. Thompson

Extraordinary professional work by Sam Thompson, our agent. During the entire process, Sam was informative, helpful, answered questions and concerns, and did a thorough inspection and explanation of our home needs. He was personable, relatable, prompt, and most kind; bravos to Sam and his choice to serve clients with THE BEST foundation solutions company! Now...if he could just score me a visit with THE Nolan Ryan, my experience would be complete indeed! :-) Great work; thanks, Olshan!

Beth, Van Amburgh, TX

First off, I am a certified customer and have had what I would say is an exceptional experience that I need to share. If things had gone the other way, I would have written about it, so be fair, when things go well, I need to stop and give them the recognition they deserve. We first had these guys do our basement at least 7 years ago. Since then we've had more flooding, and they have come back twice to fix it at no additional cost, the most recent just a few months ago. Since the first visit, they've put in two more sumps and installed a primary and secondary pump in each new sump. While the first repair wasn't cheap, we went with Olshan because we wanted expertise, and the lifetime warranty. I just wanted to pay once to have the problem go away. I also want to have that warranty in place when we sell our house. I have to give them 5 stars because they have been true to their promise for us. They came out and looked at what happened, then sent their crew back to fix the issue. I'm thinking that they've lost a lot of money on us since they've essentially done 3 jobs for the price of one. What I really, really appreciated was that they do what's right, and that has me recommending them. If you want to work with a company that stands by their reputation and their promises, then this is your choice. You may pay more, I'm not sure on this, but I do know that you'll be hiring a company that will stand by their promise and that's worth a lot these days! I'd recommend then in a heart beat, and I'd hire them again.

Kevin Murphy, Olathe, Kansas