About the SafeSeal™ System

Leading Crawl Space Moisture Barrier Technology to Seal Your Crawl Space from Water

crawlspace vapor barriers installed on crawl space walls and floor with steel support posts, interior drainage and dehumidifier

Olshan Foundation Solutions’ SafeSeal™ System is the most comprehensive solution available for complete crawl space remediation, Crawl Space Encapsulation and recovery.

SafeSeal™ System Advantages

  • Crawl space is sealed and air is ventilated to help lower humidity and reduce or eliminate odors.
  • Helps reduce mold and other organic growth.
    As well as shrinking and swelling of floor framing.
  • Your crawl space is sealed off and isolated.
  • Rodent and insect control is improved and maintenance is reduced.
  • Appliance life is lengthened.
  • Heating and cooling costs are reduced in most cases.
  • Maintenance on wood floors is reduced.